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It is our vision to see people live active and healthy lifestyles by playing sports with a community.

AFA Community began November 2019 and has grown its user base to over 300k since. As the people behind a leading sports community super app, we believe that everyone can have an active and healthy lifestyle no matter where or when they begin. Our way of making this happen is by providing an easily and incredibly rewarding platform where people can meet and play the sports they love, together!

All the features you want in a sports community superapp and more!

You can now organise sports activities in a way that is easy, stress-free, and incredibly rewarding.

Badminton Near Me

Create Activity & Join Activities

Join an existing sports activity near you for over 50 different sports or create your own activity and easily invite others with a simple sign up link.

Badminton Near Me

Manage RSVPs

Say goodbye to ‘RSVP stress’! Players simply tap to RSVP. Let the AFA sends RSVP reminders and notifications on confirmed players and last-minute pull-outs.

Badminton Near Me


The chat feature enables you to start a conversation, hype your team up, and stay in touch with new and old friends.

Badminton Near Me

Instantly Book Venues

Easily view available slots at your preferred venue and make an instant booking and payment for the date and time slot you want - all through the app. No calls or follow ups needed!

Badminton Near Me

Pay with AFA Pay

Pay for venue bookings through our secure e-Wallet. Payments from each team member is automatically gathered through the app as well - too easy!

Badminton Near Me

Points & Rewards

Earn points at every step: Creating an activity, joining an activity, and booking a venue. Collect points to redeem exciting rewards, enjoy discounts on future bookings, get access to perks in the sports industry and more.

Dream Team

Badminton near me


Co-Founder & CEO

“Making sports accessible for everyone is what motivates our efforts and investment. I believe AFA can make this possible.”

Badminton near me


Co-Founder & COO

"With the tech ecosystem that we're building, I strongly believe AFA will be the go-to superapp for our communities in the near future.”

Badminton near me


Co - Founder CBDO

“I believe the importance of fostering strategic B2B collaborations for mutual success, fueling innovation and driving value in the sports ecosystem.”

Badminton near me


Co - Founder CMO

“I'm excited to fueling sports passion with breakthrough marketing and driving user experiences.”

Badminton near me


Customer Success Manager

“There is so much potential for the future of sports. I am committed to help people adapt to new technology so we can grow this sports community together.”

What We Value


Having a great product starts with great people. We believe in the people we work and partner with, and that each person can make an impact. AFA is designed by a community for the community!


We believe in building a great product that will change the way we live and interact with each other.


We believe in doing things together and so we are always on the lookout for great partners to work with, to go further and provide greater value and added benefits to our users.

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We’re expanding our team soon and if you would like to join us, get in touch and tell us why!


Badminton Near Me

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